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"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it." ~ James Bryce

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Learn the benefits of reading [or not reading] at Read Write Donate

So, is reading one of your favorite activities? Maybe, the favorite.

We chose reading as the primary driver for the site, because in today's zip here - zip there mentality, we just don't take enough time to read. There are plenty of sites you can visit to find reading material too, like Amazon, where you can read just enough to get hooked and then possibly buy the book. Those books generally cost $8 - $10 for the Kindle version and $15 and up for paperback and hard cover editions.

So, being an avid reader can also be a bit costly; that's not what we wanted for Read Write Donate. People should be able to find topics of interest, download them to Adobe Acrobat, Kindle or other e-book reader and be able to keep their investment within reason.

What if reading isn't exactly your thing? Maybe you prefer to see the movie...

1 - Be sure to check out our section on the benefits of writing at Read Write Donate.

B - There is so much more you can get from this site besides reading. Like to earn a little extra cash, ka-ching, moolah?

The initial design of ReadWriteDonate.com was to create multiple streams of income for people unemployed and under-employed. You see, the reason why people, like us at times, feel the pinch when the economy changes or lay-offs happen or we get more work to do and no raises is because there is only one stream of income - a job.

There is a surge in rental properties that follows a major change in the employment cycle for a couple reasons:

  • Market prices of homes decrease
  • Available money to purchse a home dwindles
  • People may need to relocate quickly for a new job
  • 'Would be' investors see an opportunity to improve their cash flow with a new stream of income

It's the latter that we should all aspire to - additional streams of income.

Investing in rental properties has challenges though, like high risk levels from investment costs, maintenance costs and vacancy. And, what's the ROR - Rate of Return? The actual cash flow could range from negative numbers (bad) to $100, $200 or more per month (good).

What about investing in Read Write Donate? How does it stack up as an investment option? Keep in mind RWD does not need to replace your rental property portfolio, just asking the question.

You can have the $200 or more per month income in about 4 weeks; the amount of time it takes is up to you. You would be risking your investment, which is a maximum of $23.00; hummm - is that a good option? Oh yeah, you can also decide in 3 or 4 months to stop your income stream from Read Write Donate and walk away - try that with your empty rental property.

Write On!


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