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"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it." ~ James Bryce

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Contest: Get Voted, Get Published
If you are a writer having an e-book is a quick and easy way to get your information out to people fast, but have you ever dreamed of seeing your book in the book store?*

Now, by winning this contest, you can. Winning starts by writing an e-book, but not just any e-book will do. Consider your topic carefully and make the content informative, intriguing and be passionate about the topic. People should read because they want to know more, but stay because you gave them a reason to continue and vote because they thought you did a great job.

There are some rules to this contest - see next column.


Contest: Fastest Organization to Complete Level 3

How good are you at network marketing? Is it easy to find those 5 quality friends you can count on or more difficult than you thought? Here's a contest to find out.

The clock is ticking, so how long will it take you from the time you join to the time your 3rd level is filled?

  • 2 weeks?
  • 1 week?
  • 1 day?
  • 2 hours?
Let's find out and get someone rewarded with a $100 BONUS! That's right on top of the Personal Enrollment Bonuses, you could also win 100 bucks for getting your 3rd level filled faster than anyone else this month.

Remember, the 1st level is your 5TT level (5 slots). Level 2 has 25 slots and level 3 is filled after all the 125 slots in that level are filled - levels 1 & 2 must be filled too in order to qualify. As always only members in good standing can participate.

Rules for winning the Get Voted, Get Published Contest:

  1. In order to vote or win the Get Voted, Get Published Contest, all parties must be active members of Read Write Donate in good standing and may not be family members or related parties to anyone employed by Read Write Donate, LLC.
  2. Votes may only be submitted by members who have purchased the e-book they are voting on.
  3. Non-members may not participate in any way including writing e-books for consideration, voting or winning any contests provided by Read Write Donate.
  4. Contests may be held in any month where the previous month had a minimum of 100,000 active members.
  5. All e-books are ranked by members and only those with a ranking of 4 or higher will be considered for the Get Voted, Get Published Contest.
  6. From the e-books that qualify as stated above, first-round voting will be held to select the top ten candidates. Any ties will be broken by Read Write Donate at its full and complete consideration until a field of 10 e-books are selected.
  7. Multiple votings will be held according to the criteria above until 2 (two) semi-finalists have been determined.
  8. One last voting will be held to determine the winning e-book and runner-up.
  1. The winning author will again be required to sign a Statement of Original Work, stating that the author in their own hand or electronic methods conceived and wrote the content of the entire e-book and gave full credit with written permissions to ALL other parties involved. Misuse or abuse of the Statement of Original Work will result in forfeiture of all prizes, winnings, earnings and commissions as a member and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law by Read Write Donate, LLC in full cooperation with all legal parties involved.
Publishing includes: consultation and artwork by a Graphic Artist (up to $500), review by an Editor (up to $500), printing of 1,000 paperback books, shipping to 1 address in the Continental United States, BUT 1 book must be signed by the Author and returned to Read Write Donate!


*Please note that Read Write Donate is not in the distribution business and does not offer any relationships whereby your book can be shown in any bookstore. As the winner, it would be your responsibility to visit your local bookstore with books in-hand and request proper display.

With that said, RWD is prepared to showcase your newly printed book to all our members and the Internet and can assist in its sale and shipping for up to 60 days. We'll talk more after you win...

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