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"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it." ~ James Bryce

Support Public Schools in America by Donating with a Twist!

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Earn Significant Income at Read Write Donate

Okay, is it safe to say, "you understand the benefits of earning significant income?" Nice trips, paid off credit cards, out of debt, college for the kids, etc.


Cashing the check is easy, but how hard is it to get started?


If you invested in stocks and someone told you you could make a 50% return in 6 months, you would be VERY skeptical, right? You invested $1,000 and would HOPE to have $1,500 in about 180 days.


But, what if the investment were smaller? If you invested $100 and thought you might have $150 in 6 months, while the ROI may be equivalent the interest and motivation to get involved is clearly not. So, in creating Read Write Donate, our goal is to help people or groups like churches, scouts and entrepreneurs be able to earn Significant Income with no risk. No risk, because you realize you have up to $23 on the table, you can download and enjoy 2 e-books and get investment ROI like Donald Trump.


It's true, Mr. Trump advocates network marketing as the best way to get ahead in any economy, but most programs require investments of hundreds of dollars and what about your friends? How many times can you hit up Bill or Suzie or Aunt Maple for another hope to get rich idea?


$23 is the full price for Read Write Donate and sometimes there are discounts to join. While 50% ROI sounds good in general, based on a $23 investment, it's pretty uninteresting.

What about a 1,000% ROI?


WOW, is that possible? How long would that take?


Yes, it is possible and should take about 3 to 4 weeks if you follow our 5-To-Thrive plan, which is really as simple as sending an email to 5 good friends about what you just learned today. They would sign up, just because it sounds so outrageous and next thing you know you made a 1,000% ROI in less than 1 month, but that's not all. Next month you'll likely make more money and in the course of a year you could have a 12,000% ROI!

Write On!


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