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"The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it." ~ James Bryce

Support Public Schools in America by Donating with a Twist!

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Helping Youth Groups using Read Write Donate

Youth groups might include little league, band, cheerleading, soccer team, church groups, math team or any group of kids that need money for equipment, travel, trophies or banquets.

There are lots of cases where parents try to get their children involved in team activities only to find the cost to join or continue playing are just too high.

Do you have a special group of kids that you would like to support? Have you tired of the bake sales or car washes that always come up short of your financial goals?

Here's a Read Write Donate example of what could be done for your group:

What if someone in the group learned about Read Write Donate as a way to multiply the efforts of the team? The Director joins in an effort to raise money for equipment or events. Because the director understands the simplicity of 5TT, (s)he discusses with 5 others in the group and they join under the director.

With enough enthusiasm or just simple follow thru those 5 could invite 5 others to join.

You can see how in less than a day 2 levels of the Youth Group organization could be filled.

Another day, another level and within a week there could be a well-started Youth Group organization that is not only helping the youth group, but hundreds of other families plus authors and charities. What kind of impact would a few hundred or a few thousand dollars mean to the group?



This example is simply that; an example of what a little effort could do to transform your future. Remember, results may not be typical and if you join as an investment only, you could risk losing about $45 by being a member for 3 months and having no one join your organization.

If you are having a challenge with enrollments of any kind, please review the FAQs to see if your concern has already been addressed.

Get started today!

There's an old-addage that says, "If you continue to do what you've done, you'll continue to get what you've gotten."

Why not try something new today, join Read Write Donate, tell other people and get something new like monthly residual income.

Write On!

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